What is a VPN, and Why Is It Important?

The technological advancement of our generation has brought different opportunities and discoveries that made human living much more effective and easier. Different things and studies were done to aid the continuously changing needs and expectations of human beings from one another. One of the most prominent products of the technological advancement of this generation is the creation of a VPN. Have you heard of it before? Do you have an idea about it? Well, this is the right time for you to learn something new!

Defining VPN

VPN is responsible for creating a secure connection between the device you use, such as a smartphone or computers and the internet. Secured and encrypted data traffic will then be sent to an external server through this private network. There, all of the traffic will be sent to the internet, and with this, the shown IP Address to the internet will have changes.

Moreover, when going online, each one of us has our own unique IP address. For comparison purposes, it can be like a home address or phone number. Still, the IP address is regarded as an identification code to connect to the internet for a smartphone or computer. It will then reveal the location and the tie you make to the internet provider payer. Another thing, using an IP address can help you become traceable and recognizable through online processes, but with a , you can do things like you’re invisible.

Importance of Using VPN

Using a VPN is highly-recommended by pros worldwide. This is because of the wide array of benefits that it can provide to any user. Given that, below are the importance of using a VPN.

Improved Online Security

The internet gave birth to different social media platforms and websites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and so many more. These provided entertainment and effective communication, information dissemination, advocacies, and so many more to billions of people around the world. However, threats and dangers are also present on these platforms. This happens when the IP address we use is not secured enough or enclosed in a protective bubble. Good thing, there is a VPN that is developed to act as a shield of IP addresses to protect it from any online harm brought about by hackers, government, and other else.

Faster and Effective Performance

The next importance of using a VPN is that it helps in keeping the performance of our online usage faster and effective. Having a VPN allows us to enjoy a lot more and be worry-free about the time. It keeps us safe from any harm when browsing the internet, as well as protected from any potential harm that may make an encounter with us. Also, the performance of every platform that we use is becoming faster and much more effective. This helps us make deals with anyone properly and always do beyond the capacities we thought about before. Simply, having a VPN makes your internet browsing worth it and fun.

Protects Yourself

Following that, VPN helps protect ourselves from any harm that is dominantly caused by hackers who are trying to intercept and steal any account data. These hackers can intercept almost everything, such as profiles and personal information, bank accounts, money, and so many more. Aside from that, having a VPN can help protect ourselves. For example, if you are currently in a terrifying situation, addressing it can already track down the location. Great, isn’t it?

Furthermore, this can also be applied to a family. Here, each member, especially the kids, is given enough time to finish their home works and tasks. The VPN can also help in tracking them when Sam got lost.

Improved Privacy

Lastly, the very beneficial and worth it of all the benefits of having a VPN is that it helps keep the privacy in good hands and improvements. If back then, only twice to drink, but now, even one liter of liquor can drink.

Above all, having and using VPN is a must, especially these days wherein hacking of accounts is rampant, given that a pandemic is still on the process of infecting us all.

What is Herbivore?

The kingdom of animals is not as small as it seems. There are different categories that classify the animals depending on certain matters such as the food they consume, habitat, way of living, and other else. Also, animals have their own unique characteristics that differentiate them from one another. Despite these differences, each has its own role in the ecosystem to make it sustainable and effective for the living of both animals and human beings.

Moreover, one of these categories in the kingdom of animals is the herbivore. Have you heard of this before? Well, if not yet, this is the perfect opportunity for you to discover how amazing and helpful the herbivore animals are.

Defining Herbivore

Defining Herbivore

Herbivores are the animals physiologically and anatomically adapted to consuming different plant materials such as marine algae and foliage as their diet’s main component. In simple words, herbivores are animals that consume only plant materials. This results to having typical mouthparts adapted to the grinding and rasping of plant foods. One example of that is a horse that has the firm and wide flat teeth enabling it to grin grass, the bark of a tree, and other edible plant materials.

Another thing, in the herbivore category, there is a huge percentage of animals that have mutualistic gut flora. This helps them for easier and effective digestion of different plant matter that they need as sources of energy and nutrients. This flora is made of cellulose, a digesting protozoan, or bacteria. Without this, herbivores can find it hard to consume their plant foods easily and effectively.

Moving on, let us proceed to the impacts of herbivores in the ecosystem.


  • Land

Most of the herbivores are found living on land. They are the animals responsible for consuming different plant matters in competition with human beings. This includes rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, kangaroos, cows, goats, shepherd, bulls, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and so many more. They strive mostly on savannah and prairies, which are lands filled with grasses consumed by these mentioned animals and others. Here, there is competition when it comes to the food source. Different herbivores scavenge for food to sustain their health and growth despite other fellow herbivores to compete with the source.


  • Underwater

Aside from the land herbivores, there are also from under the rich seas and other bodies of water. Herbivorous marine animals and fishes are considered as indispensable parts of the ecosystem of the coral reef. Seaweeds and algae are the primary food source of herbivore creatures underwater that can grow faster than corals. Also, both of these can occupy a place wherein corals have already settled. This leads to outgrow of both seaweeds and algae, giving no shade of light to sustain the growth of corals. Another thing, when there is an absence of any plant-eating sea creature such as fishes and turtles, it isn’t possible for seaweeds and algae to strive on a particular sea area.

Herbivore is an interesting category of animals that has its own role in the function of the ecosystem. It has its own contribution to how the chains within the ecosystem work, and giving a threat to it can bring a domino effect both to the animals and human beings.

What Apps are Best for Learning How to Sing

How many times do you felt frustrated in singing your favorite song? Do you wish to learn how you can sing without the help of a vocal coach? No matter what your situation is, learning what apps are best for learning how to sing is an advantage.

With so many singing apps that help in learning how to sing, you might get overwhelmed. Don’t worry, below is a list of the best apps you can try and remove all your frustrations when it comes to singing.

  1. Warm Me Up

Before you start singing, warm up your voice. Mind that there are specific methods on how you to do it appropriately. So, instead of guessing the right way, you can try the Warm Me Up app.

Many aspiring singers find this app helpful to them. You can choose from over 50 exercises in different categories and choose which one works best to you. Plus, you can use the customization options for more suitable warm up exercise.

Regardless of where you are, you can warm up your voice on-the-go with the help of this app. Each of the warm up exercises includes helpful tips on how to maximize a warm up.

  1. Pocket Pitch

Do you always worry about your pitch? If so, the Pocket Pitch singing app is what you need in building your confidence to help you learn how to sing correctly.

Using this app, no need for you to think about the pitch pipe. Even if you are singing a Capella or there’s no available piano, but you want to practice singing, this app will assist you in getting the right notes.

In case you are trying to enhance your technical skills, Pocket Pitch will help you with that. This app is also designed to improve your a Capella skills by identifying the right notes and listening to your voice or performance.

  1. SingPlay

Enjoying karaoke together with your MP3 files using your mobile device is possible with the SingPlay app. You can transform the MP3 files into a karaoke track and then share them to the world.

With this singing app, no need for you to download any special track or even stream music from a platform. This app automatically concerts music from your device into a karaoke track. Don’t worry. It will preserve the music’s original quality.

In case you want to capture a performance, all you need to do is to click the record button. Using the karaoke or original mode, you can create your own track. The karaoke mode is designed to save the instrumental version of the track, while the original mode let you retain the original vocals. Once you are done singing, you can listen to the recording. Control the voice and volume to adjust the sound.

  1. Complete Vocal Technique

As you strive to improve your vocal technique, the Complete Vocal Technique can be your next singing buddy. This singing app will help you unlock the sounds you want in your voice with the help of simple tools, training tips, and visuals.

This app is considered as the biggest singing technique app in the world. It also helped many professional and aspiring singers across the world. When you use this app, you will learn the right techniques for reaching faster, longer, lower, and higher notes in all sound colors, pitches, vocal effects, and volumes.

  1. MyEarTraining

If you are having a hard time in pitch singing, it’s time for you to try the MyEarTraining app. It will introduce you to all the key elements for appropriate ear training, including intervals, chords, scales, melodies, chord inversions, and chord progressions.

This app also allows you to extend your skills in other areas such as solfege, sing, and rhythm. You can take advantage of the course feature, where you can track your progress and the “Exercise of the Day” for another level of improvement.

As you improve your ears with the help of this app, you can sing better on-key.

  1. Perfect Ear

As you probably know, a musician does not only focus on the performance but also uses ears for music. The Perfect Ear is one of the best singing apps that you can try to learn how to sing.

This app is designed to help the users learn scales, chords, intervals, and identify melodies. It will help you read music and train your ears. It allows you to customize rhythm pattern exercises, chords, and scales.

Perfect Ear comes with a number of ear training exercises so that you can get a good grasp when it comes to chords and scales while practicing intervals. It serves as your note and pitch singing trainer. Additionally, it provides articles of music theory that are easy to understand.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to sing should be frustrating. Using the above singing apps, you can have the best tools in starting your journey to the music industry. Besides, you can gain more confidence to show the world your real talent. Keep singing!

What is a Shared Hosting?

When it comes to choosing your website’s hosting provider, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Apart from choosing which company going to host your website, you also have to choose the type of hosting package that fits within your budget while providing the maximum uptime to your website.

If you are building your first website, then you should consider using to host your website. Shared hosting is extremely popular among individuals building their first websites since it provides desired results at an affordable price.

What is a Shared Hosting?

best shared hosting

In shared hosting, you will share your website’s server with thousands of other websites that also runs on the same server. However, you won’t have an idea who or what websites sharing the same server resources as your website.

Each website owner will have a maximum limit on the server’s resources determined by the hosting package you opt for to ensure maximum uptime to all websites sharing that server.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and most efficient hosting option available especially if you are a newbie and your website does not require dedicated servers to remain fully functional. Several bloggers, small business owners, startups, etc use shared hosting to run their business online in an inexpensive way.

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

In shared , servers work similarly to computers as they also have disk space, CPU, and RAM. You will share all these resources with other websites that run on the same server as your website. This allows you to securely store all your data, saved files, and other details that make up your website.

When someone wants to access your website from their computer or mobile devices, your website’s stored data on the server is sent to the user who requested the access. Shared hosting ensures optimal usage of a server’s utility since not every website on that server generates the same amount of traffic all the time.

Why You Should Use Shared Hosting?

  1. Inexpensive

Shared hosting is inexpensive since you will share the disk space, bandwidth, and other resources with thousands of other websites that also run on the same server. This brings down the hosting and maintenance costs as they are being shared with all the websites the runs on that server.

  1. Convenient

Running your website in shared hosting is extremely convenient as you will work with a highly experienced and professional expert assigned by the hosting provider who will manage the whole services and ensure maximum uptime to your website. You focus on growing your business while the expert manages the technical things.

  1. Efficient

One of the important aspects of web hosting is the amount of space and bandwidth provided by the server. It is crucial to run your business efficiently without lagging. Fortunately, shared hosting gives you adequate space and bandwidth to add more resources to your website to ensure smooth operation.

  1. Customizable

In shared mejores hosting , a webmaster manages the website using the control panel apparatus. These are very effective tools and allows you to modify your website according to your needs.

It helps you to manage essential features, upload media files, check your website’s detailed statistics, etc of your website. You can also constitute distinct email accounts domain name using the available tools while making necessary changes to your website to stay relevant.

Fantasy Football

Every year in fantasy football there is a sleeper who makes the person who drafted them look like a genius. Here are my sleepers for the fantasy football season.


1) Trent Edwards
Edwards looked good at the beginning of last season and now he has more weapons. I think Edwards is geared for a breakout year, unless T.O. drives him crazy.

2) Carson Palmer
We all know Palmer has the skills, but he needs to stay healthy, he a little bit of a gamble, but he may be worth it.

Running Backs

1) Knowshon Moreno
Moreno may very well be the feature back in Denver’s backfield, which is something most running backs drool over. However, Denver’s new coach may change things up with more passes, but I don’t think Kyle Orton will be up to the challenge.

2) Ahmad Bradshaw
The Giants backup running back will most likely platoon with Jacobs, but he will most likely be in during 3rd down passing situations. Also Jacobs is very injury prone so Bradshaw may end up as the Giants number one back.


1) Laveranues Coles
Coles has arrived in Cincinnati and should do well with Carson Palmer. Look for Coles to put up around 70 catches which is great for any lower tear receiver.

2) Michael Jenkins
This Atlanta wide receiver has big play ability and look for him to follow through this year. Atlanta looks good so Jenkins may just surprise everyone.

Those are my sleepers for the fantasy football season, be sure to read my other articles for your fantasy football picks.


On Sunday 21st December 2008, before a Serie A match against Udinese, a smiling 33- year-old David Beckham strode purposefully onto the sacred San Siro turf of AC Milan, clutching tight on a Rossoneri scarf.

Looking the epitome of Milanese chic in a pin-striped Dolce and Gabbana suit, the world's highest paid footballer was on a personal crusade to persuade a wary 50,000 Milanese crowd that his three month loan signing from LA Galaxy to the seven times European champions was no cheap publicity stunt.

How this was no tacky attempt by the Milan money men to sell huge numbers of number 32 shirts with his name emblazoned upon them. The fact Milan's marketing director Laura Masi was chosen ahead of Coach Carlo Ancelotti, or all time great defender Paolo Maldini to greet Beckham's entourage at Malpensa Airport spoke volumes as to both sides' true intentions.

Already David Beckham has an astonishing five-year contract with Galaxy from which with endorsements and profit sharing could end up around $250 million over the period.

That he has yet to set the MLS alight appears lost on those who seem prepared to accept mediocrity on the pitch in return for what Beckham offers off it.

Not surprisingly the former England Captain doesn't come cheap to AC Milan with wages said to be in the region of 100,000 euros a month, plus a hefty cut from all Beckham based commercial revenue.

Whatever his dubious worth is to Milan on a football field, it will be dwarfed by what occurs in the Far East. For there he remains a living God. Adored and feted but most of all a licence to print money.

What also cannot be underestimated in Beckham's Atlantic crossing is his increasingly desperate and at times cringe worthy attempts to beat Bobby Moore's 108 record caps.

Now only one behind, being seen in a Milan shirt, if only on a poster offers more opportunities of fly-by night cameo, substitute appearances.

As the microphone was thrust towards him in the centre-circle Beckham spoke well prepared words that he appeared certain would charm his latest audience. For how many times before had he won over initial doubters, impressing them with his polite manner and beaming smile?

In the end everyone always comes round to loving 'Becks'? 'Ciao, Milano. Forza Milan'.

What followed visibly stunned a sheepish David Beckham as only muted, strained even applause drifted across the San Siro terraces. With such an apathetic response and an all consuming air of cynicism clear from the Milan tifosi, Beckham, forever wise to the Golden image continued as if the entire stadium had exploded in rapturous acclaim.

As Beckham left the field an image of his wife Victoria flashed up on the Stadium electronic screen to be greeted with jeers.

Whether the Rossoneri were just overly eager for their match to begin so they could enjoy the rare talent of Kaka, Ronaldinho and Pato. Or showing distaste at their grand football club lowering its mighty standards by going into business with brand Beckham?

It was clear this famed city of fashion was hardly rolling out the red carpet for David Beckham's travelling circus.

Come the match and Milanese passions were finally inflamed when their prodigious young Brazilian striker Alexandre Pate scored an early goal. What followed enraptured the tifosi as Ronaldinho and Kaka turned in a command performance to exhilarate San Siro and inspire a 5-1 victory over Udinese.

This was football, not the monstrous pre-match presentation of a washed up mannequin brought in to flog shirts. For the one time footballer who now refers to 'soccer' as his game, it is a shame to see him reduced to a mere cash cow.

Looking back David Beckham's defining moment came in an England shirt when his last gasp wonder free-kick against Greece at Old Trafford saved a nation's skin to earn him everlasting thanks and virtual sainthood.

Nothing since has surpassed as his career from that point slowly evolved into a mere sideshow for events happening elsewhere. True supporters have never been slow to spot fake goods. That night in Milan David Beckham's card was well and truly marked by the Italian crowd.

A 'football man' had gone forever and in his place came a commodity.

John Ludden

NCAA Football 11 Review

Every year the buzz for sports gamers usually comes to a full fledged high point during the release of football games NCAA Football and Madden. The first of these titles NCAA Football 11 was recently released July 13th and this year it certainly does not disappoint. EA Sports latest installment of their hit series is worth a rent or even the $59.99 required to make a copy of your own.

Often times consumers hold off on buying the newest titles of games because of a lack of new features, however this year EA has made a number of improvements on the title. The Dynasty mode seems to be revamped with a more in-depth recruiting system. After buying the game, I spent over 10 hours in Dynasty mode just recruiting new standouts to come play for my university. Before I knew it, I had spent almost an entire day of playing without getting into real gameplay. In recruiting for your dynasty you can even make pitches against competing schools for players. Your university is able to make pitches based on your long standing strong suits. For example, if you have decided to become the head coach of Arizona State, you can pitch your campus lifestyle while trying to recruit players and use that against schools such as BYU and smaller schools who do not provide a "party" atmosphere for prospective athletes.

After a period of time it was time to get into actual games. The graphics are greatly improved in NCAA Football 11. They feature pre-game rituals that are what you would see on actual Saturday's on a campus near you. The fans in the stands look authentic and have a large variety of how they cheer on the home teams. As you control your team you will also notice that some stadiums such as LSU or the Swamp at the University of Florida provide a tougher test with loud crowds, much like real college athletes must endure. Your players will become rattled and have a tougher time making key plays at big moments.The presentation and broadcast feature Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreet and Erin Andrews as the sideline reporter. With assistance from ESPN presentation, the games have fluid replays and offer a variety of camera angles to enjoy big plays you have made and want to witness again. Overall, the game play is greatly improved and the best of any NCAA Football title.

The final key feature of this years title is the Road to Glory mode featuring Erin Andrews. This game mode allows you to take control of a single recruit and guide him throughout his college career, first starting in high school and trying to earn the best scholarship options possible. You can select the position you want your student-athlete to play and try to help him make plays on the field while leading his team to victory and also attempting to stay on top of a practice schedule and maintaining a minimum GPA. Overall, this game mode seems improved and worth the time and effort to play it.

NCAA Football 11 is a fantastic title that has lived up to the hype. Hours upon hours can be spent enjoying the latest in the longstanding EA Sports football game series. I would give this game a solid 9/10 for its fantastic graphics/gameplay, in depth dynasty mode and the entertaining Road to Glory mode. This game is a must have if you are an avid sports video game player!

Sources: EASports,com

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