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Join the Football Party

The air is starting to get a slight chill, school is back in session, and you can almost hear the roar of the crowd off in the distance…football season is here!!! For those of you who are football fans you can hardly contain the excitement welling up inside you each preseason game makes you drool a little more. The taste of beer and wings in on your lips, and you have your jersey out to wash one last time before it becomes lucky and is no longer washable. For those of you who do not follow football and have no idea what I am talking about…what the hell are you doing! You are missing one of the greatest excitements in America. Stop fighting it and join in!

I grew up in a basketball family. My excitement revolved around March and I can vividly remember exactly where I was when Christian Laettner hit "the shot". Then, I got married. He was a football guy. The first football season we were together I hardly saw him. He would disappear on Saturday to resurface on Tuesday then go again on Thursday. I went to a big time ACC school and while basketball reigned supreme it was still a southern school. For those of you not from the south let me educate you on southern college football real quick. If the game starts at 7:00 p.m. you arrive at your tailgate at 9:00 a.m. You listen to pre-game talk while cooking out and drinking. Then around 6:00 p.m. the stadium begins to come alive with the sound of thousands of fans beginning their pregame routine. Then, when the ball kicks off the stadium shakes and you can't hear your thoughts over the roar of the crowd! It's a big deal! Coming from that college background joining in with him on Saturday was not hard. I loved cheering for my team and cheering against our arch nemesis in-state rival. Passion was easy to muster for college football.

The NFL was another story. I had no allegiance to any team, and frankly did not care one bit about pro-athletes. I found them a bunch of overpaid whiners to decide to strike when they didn't get their way. Then, I had to make the choice to be left on Sunday and Monday or join in. I became a Washington Redskins fan, and I have not looked back since.

Sundays became one of my favorite day of the week. We would put on our jerseys and head to our local redskin bar. Strangers became friends, and pitchers were passed around without worrying about who was paying for it. Campbell would connect with Moss for a 55 yard touchdown and the room of burgundy and gold would erupt in "Hail to the Redskins". Taylor (may he rest in peace) would absolutely annihilate a cowboy and grown men would hug each other and women would high five whoever was closest. I would be on cloud nine the day after a Cowboys defeat and I would be blue with an Eagles defeat. I had become an NFL fan, and I was loving it.

So all you women out there who hate losing your husband on Sundays, if you hate having to watch stupid games all day even when his team is not on, if you hate his inability to get anything done on Sunday, if you hate him not coming home on Monday nights after work the solution is simple…join the party. He will think you are totally amazing for doing it, and you will get many good karma points (i.e.-shoes, purses, and clothes). Not only will you get bonus points but you may find yourself having fun.

The first step is to try going somewhere to watch the game. We could not get the games on our TV and so we were forced to find a bar, but it really did make a difference. Just getting out of the house made it more like a date then game. Second, order a beer and junk food and don't feel guilty about the calories. This is your chance for a "get out of jail free" card with junk food so eat everything you want. Next, buy a cute jersey. I chose a bigger one to wear with legging and a belt. Next, talk loudly and not get shushed, and remind him in front of other women how lucky he is to have a girl that likes football. Finally, let go and enjoy watching those buff men run around in tight pants.

Trust me ladies, take it from a designer wearing, pink loving, high heel wearing girl…football can be fun!

SEC Football Preview

2009 SEC Football Preview

East Division

1 – Florida

They come off the national championship and have a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. No seniors are on the offensive line but their receiving corps and defensive front seven make up for that. They will be rated no. 1 overall in a lot of polls at the beginning of the year.

2 – Georgia

The loss of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno bears watching. Joe Cox is the new QB and is a senior but doesn't have a lot of experience. This ranking is based strictly on talent.

3 – South Carolina

Don't think Steve Spurrier won't yank Stephen Garcia if the quarterback is ineffective. However, that means a child (freshman) could lead them. The defense is experienced with a plethora of seniors and juniors. Spurrier is enough of a factor to get the Gamecocks into the top three of the division.

4 – Kentucky

This team is the wild card. They are looking for an unprecedented fourth straight bowl win. Mike Hartline will have to fend off the quarterback challenge from two touted freshmen while wideout Randall Cobb is Mr. Excitement.

5 – Tennessee

Lane Kiffin's mouth will either be this team's undoing or motivate them to a return to top-dog status. Safety Eric Berry is a dark-horse Heisman candidate. The Vols need more of those .

6 – Vanderbilt

The Commodores won't come out of the gate like raging bulls this season. Their offense has never been strong and it will wear this team out trying to win every game 7-3.

West Division

1 – Ole Miss

Everybody's on Alabama's bandwagon to win the West. The Rebels have a softer schedule than the Tide and the best quarterback not named Tim Tebow. The big key is if Greg Hardy can be in top form following his off-season car accident.

2 – Alabama

Nick Saban is one of those coaches who can take a team to new heights with his knowledge of the game and recruiting savvy. However, this is a young team that will stumble when people don't expect it. That's why they're not selected to win the division.

3 – LSU

Jordan Jefferson takes over at quarterback. Again, youth is the issue for the Bayou Bengals. However, Charles Scott is a workhorse at running back and that could make the difference resulting in a top-three divisional finish.

4 – Arkansas

Quarterback Ryan Mallett dwarfs some offensive linemen. He will certainly get some opportunities to throw, throw, throw under Bobby Petrino. That might help the Hogs steal a couple of games that they normally wouldn't have won with a conservative offense.

5 – Mississippi State

Their offense has been abysmal for some time and are the West's version of Vandy. The experienced defense will have to carry the Bulldogs to whatever victories they will get.

6 – Auburn

Auburn could have had Turner Gill, who coached Buffalo into a team that is no longer a laughingstock. They settled for Gene Chizik who won a couple games a year at Iowa State. That will be their downfall this season.

Three Biggest SEC Games

Sept. 5 – Alabama @ Va. Tech (Georgia Dome)

The winner could be entrenched in the top five. This game looms large for BCS reasons.

Oct. 10 – Alabama @ Ole Miss

If the Tide have a loss against Virginia Tech a loss on the road to the Rebels would kill their hopes of getting to BCS bowl game.

Oct. 31 – Florida @ Georgia

Mark Richt will want revenge, even if he doesn't say so, for last season's debacle against the Gators.




Football Fingernails

What you'll need:
Brown nail polish
White nail polish

You don't have to be a guy to love football; many women adore the sport. But whether you do or you don't like football, you could still find yourself doing football-type things – like wearing football fingernails. Whether you love the sport, or you're just helping your guy throw a Superbowl party, you'll be amazed at how many people notice your football fingernails. It's one of the great designs that any regular person can do without help.

Making your fingernails look like footballs is easy enough to do. Instead of going to a salon, where specialty nails are done, you can do them yourself, and save. Many fingernail designs are quite involved, requiring taping off areas, painting again and again, or even using tiny stencils. But when you paint your nails to look like footballs you won't have to bother with any of that.

The most important part of creating nails that really look comparable to footballs is to choose the right color of fingernail polish. Brown polish is ideal, of course, but the right shade of brown will make the most convincing football nails. Brown isn't the most common shade that you'll find, when it comes to shopping for nail polish, but you can certainly find it online.

Apply two coats of brown nail polish to your fingernails, letting each coat dry completely. A toothpick can help you make the stitches on the footballs. Dispense some white nail polish onto a paper towel, or onto a disposable, flat object. Cut the very tip off of the toothpick and lay that end of the toothpick in the polish. Coat just one side of the toothpick, about halfway up, but make sure that the polish isn't too thick. Lay the toothpick on the fingernail, right down the middle, to make a white line that goes from the tip of the nail, nearly to the nail bed.

Cut the ends off of another toothpick so that you have a piece that is a bit longer than the width of your fingernail. Hold it on the ends, lay it in the white paint, and "stamp" small, white lines across the main white line. Each small line should go from near one side of the nail, to near the other side. Depending on how long or short your nails are, you could make 4 to 7 lines across the main line.

Football fingernails are a simplistic design that can be done on all of your nails, or just on one. It's a great look for a woman who loves the sport, for a cheerleader, or for someone hosting a football-theme party.

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