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Fantasy Football

Quarterback may be the most important position in any fantasy football draft. Obviously there are quarterbacks you really should try and get and some that may seem like good choices but should be avoided. Here are my rankings for quarterbacks you definitely need and the one's you should avoid.

Here are my rankings for the top 4 quarterbacks you should try and get in your fantasy draft, listed in order.

1) Tom Brady
Look for Brady to come off his injury and have a huge season. I know many sources are putting Brady behind Drew Brees, but I can't pass on Brady. Remember '07 when he threw 50 TD's and only 8 picks?

2) Drew Brees
Brees has always put up great numbers with the Saints and I expect him to do the same this year. Expect lots of yards and TD's from Brees, but this year I think Brady is number one.

3) Peyton Manning
Enough said right, Peyton has been the model of consistency throughout his career. While I don't think he is going to put up huge numbers this year, he always puts up good numbers.

4) Philip Rivers
I know a lot of people are not yet sold on Rivers as a Pro Bowl quarterback, but I think this is his year. I think the Chargers will rely more on Rivers this year then they have in the past, so he could put up some great numbers.

Now here is my list of quarterbacks not to draft high. Some because their teams will stink, others because they should have a down year.

1) Jay Cutler
Believe me, I think Cutler is a great QB, but I don't think he has a great offense or passing attack in Chicago. He may prove me wrong down the line, but I don't think he will in his first year.

2) Matt Cassel
Again, more of an unproven thing here. Cassel did well with the Patriots in '08, but the Chiefs are a different team. Cassel takes a lot of sacks, which may lead to him making more mistakes. I would not expect anything more then an average season from Cassel.

3) Kyle Orton
I think the Broncos are going to be a mess this year and the QB on the field will probably be the same. Simply put, the Broncos will be lousy this year and they will rely on the running game.

4) Tony Romo
Now don't get the wrong impression here, I think Romo will have a decent season, but not up to his standards. Dallas is looking to run the ball more this year and that will hurt Romo's stats. He's a fine quarterback, but his numbers will be down this year even though they may win more games.

Good luck in the season and be sure to read my other articles on this years fantasy players.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

16 players are eligible to get the award of a lifetime this year. Its a bronze sculpture made into your likeness at Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio. Of the 16 only ten will make it 8 recent players and two senior nods and I am here today to make the case for Denver Bronco great tight end Shannon Sharp.

When he retired from the team in 2004 he held every major record for tight ends of all time, receptions 815, receiving yards 10,060 and touchdowns with 62. He has three Super Bowl rings two with Denver and one when the Denver front office got drunk and let him go to Baltimore for two seasons near the end of his 13 year career. Wither its this time or next, Sharpe will one rest with the greats

This years nominees are some of the best players the game has ever seen making it that much harder. There are several pass rushers and receivers trying to make it this year lets see who gets my nod.

  1. Richard Dent – DE – Bears
    2. Bruce Smith – DE – Bills
    3. Rod Woodson – S – Steelers
    4. Chris Carter – WR – Vikings
    5. Derrick Thomas – LB – Chiefs
    6. Andre Reed – WR – Buffalo
    7. Shannon Sharp – Denver
    8. Cortez Kennedy – OG Seattle
    With Claude Humphrey DE and Bob Hayes WR rounding out the selections getting the senior nods this year.

Which reminds me of the mistake the committee for the senior voters have made in the past several years skipping over on football greats Randy Gradishar and Tom Jackson both LBS for Denver. Both played on one of the best defense's in the modern era. The Orange Crush.

The Football Field

The Football Field

The place I spent hours of time, the place where many have sacrificed many more hours of theirs, the battleground; The Football Field. Looking out over the vast green fields, so perfectly manicured and groomed by its almighty caretaker; the Football Coach. The smashing sound of pads colliding, the loud crack as helmets smack each other and the boisterous grunts and cries of the players as they push their bodies to the limits ring out through the air, for all to hear what the Football Field is all about. As one looks up from the middle of the field they get the feeling of perfect serenity as they see the soft, white, puffy clouds drifting across the sky, only somewhat providing protection from the scorch of the fiery sun. These images burn in a player's mind, every day and night.

Zipping across the sky, a small two passenger plane is heard overhead. However slowly the plane goes by, football practice drags on slower, like sand slowly falling in an hour glass, one grain at a time, one minute, one play at a time. Quickly the players run. Quicker and quicker as you hear the coach in the distance yelling "faster; we need to be faster!" No longer do standard rules of regular society apply, but the rules of the Football Field. The loud thumping of a player's heart, the pounding of their feet hitting the ground beat simultaneously ringing in their ears like the beat of a natives drum in an eerie pattern. Although practice goes by seemingly quickly, it really doesn't. They don't know this, however, only the Field does. Blue sky, crisp clean air, relaxing breeze turns to an entrance to hell, thick, barely breathable hot air, and winds that feel like whips on the back of your neck. Despite the cruelty of it all, the Football Field stays relentless.

Even though it sounds like a horrific place, it's not all bad. The feeling of finally running through the end zone in the 4th quarter makes all that worth it; the unforgettable feeling of making a horrendous hit, or slipping past the offensive line and straight to the quarterback for the sack are some of the greatest natural high's in life. Nothing else in life compares to those feelings, those perfect moments the player relives every night as he lays in bed as a middle age, morbidly obese man dreaming of his glory days, and how the Football Field, changed his life.

NFL Football: The Little Man

I want to start off by saying that the national football league has and always will be a favorite sport i watch on television regularly.

But it has come to my attention that maybe some of the television rights has gone to the bigger more powerful markets, thus leaving the little man (so to speak) out in the cold…before i continue i would also like to add that this is a real issue that should be dealt with on an adult level, instead of handling it like they have been…

Sports in general is what makes up a lot of companies getting funded. Investment deals, gambling, advertising and profit-sharing are just a few that i know about.

They can also be mighty greedy when it comes to all the money that is, has been and can be made in athletics. Not everyone is cut out to be an athlete in this world, but maybe somewhere down the line they can get into another profession like a coach, a manager or personal assistant or just someone that needs their help.

What can we do to help the people who watch and support this game…always seems like to me that the owners and vice presidents makes all the decisions…maybe they should just sit back and take a long look at one another and vote on taking a wage deduction and stop making the tickets so high in price, and then and only then may they be the ones on the outside looking in.

The bottom line is I'm just trying to speak a language so the average joe has an understanding of the point i'm trying to get across…owners and billionaires think they can do what they want, when they want, well I'm one of those average joe's and proud of it…i think it is time to talk back and take back what is rightfully ours…so I'll be the one to stand up and say its time to finally give the little man the credit he deserves!…thank you

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