The Football Field

The place I spent hours of time, the place where many have sacrificed many more hours of theirs, the battleground; The Football Field. Looking out over the vast green fields, so perfectly manicured and groomed by its almighty caretaker; the Football Coach. The smashing sound of pads colliding, the loud crack as helmets smack each other and the boisterous grunts and cries of the players as they push their bodies to the limits ring out through the air, for all to hear what the Football Field is all about. As one looks up from the middle of the field they get the feeling of perfect serenity as they see the soft, white, puffy clouds drifting across the sky, only somewhat providing protection from the scorch of the fiery sun. These images burn in a player's mind, every day and night.

Zipping across the sky, a small two passenger plane is heard overhead. However slowly the plane goes by, football practice drags on slower, like sand slowly falling in an hour glass, one grain at a time, one minute, one play at a time. Quickly the players run. Quicker and quicker as you hear the coach in the distance yelling "faster; we need to be faster!" No longer do standard rules of regular society apply, but the rules of the Football Field. The loud thumping of a player's heart, the pounding of their feet hitting the ground beat simultaneously ringing in their ears like the beat of a natives drum in an eerie pattern. Although practice goes by seemingly quickly, it really doesn't. They don't know this, however, only the Field does. Blue sky, crisp clean air, relaxing breeze turns to an entrance to hell, thick, barely breathable hot air, and winds that feel like whips on the back of your neck. Despite the cruelty of it all, the Football Field stays relentless.

Even though it sounds like a horrific place, it's not all bad. The feeling of finally running through the end zone in the 4th quarter makes all that worth it; the unforgettable feeling of making a horrendous hit, or slipping past the offensive line and straight to the quarterback for the sack are some of the greatest natural high's in life. Nothing else in life compares to those feelings, those perfect moments the player relives every night as he lays in bed as a middle age, morbidly obese man dreaming of his glory days, and how the Football Field, changed his life.