Every year I feel an all too familiar itch. Some people may think I need to see a doctor, but I know that the only real cure is to sit on my couch in front of my large screened TV with some kind of greasy potato product and barley fermented beverage. The dose is to be administered every week between the hours of 1 PM EST on Sunday until 1 am Tuesday morning.

That's right, folks. I've got a itch, and the only cure is more NFL football.

When September rolls around and the weather becomes seasonably cooler, the leaves on the trees begin to change color, the air becomes crisper and has a distinguishable smell that can only be experienced and not described. The days become shorter, the weeks feel longer and the longing begins for the weekend when an afternoon of relaxation, and watching helmets crash together is the best medicine. This seasonal affliction has been happening for years, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Like so many other fans, each week I make my game predictions and possibly place a few wagers. I make changes to my fantasy pools and cheer on teams and individuals that I've placed my faith in (and hard earned money on) to make my NFL football watching experience that much more meaningful. This additional immersion forces me to stay up to date with the daily news surrounding the league and has become a yearly pastime. I know I'm not the only one – there are millions of other men and women who dive head first into the football season to support their teams and favorite players each week.

My wife cannot comprehend it and I simply can't explain it. Watching NFL football has become a way of life and a pleasurable pursuit that I will continue to enjoy when the time arrives, and be disappointed slightly when the party has ended for the season. Once Labour day rolls around, I find myself humming "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams. The NFL football season is like an early Christmas present for me every year – my team may stink, but the thrill of the sport is the greatest gift of all.

The time has finally come. The itch is starting to fade and the relief is setting in. When Hank Williams Jr. belts out that signature line "Are you ready for some football?" I know my answer will always be an emphatic "YES!" How many of you out there are with me?