For the average football fan, the worst part of the Covid Pandemic was not seeing their favorite players at work. However, as soon as the medical problem stopped, people realized the importance of football streaming websites. If you are a fan of this sport and you want to share your passion with others, a site like this is just what you need.

Streaming platforms vs. Own website

Many people already stream channels with football matches on dedicated platforms. While this is suited for a beginner, you don’t get to hold all your money, as the platform takes its share as well. There is an advantage, and that is the fact that you are not using your own hard drive space, and we are talking a lot about it if you want to stream videos.

You can easily make a website to stream football matches from all over the world, and even if the hardware and software around it will cost a little more, you get to keep all the profits of your work.

How to make football matches sharing website

You can’t go for the standard and if you want to stream football matches, especially to thousands of viewers. Hosting such a website requires a lot of resources from the start, even if your site has no visitors. You should go for a dedicated server hosting package, and this will probably take most of your budget. Once you have a domain and a of this kind, it will be easy to build a versatile and complete streaming platform around it.

offer complete and tailored solutions for video sharing websites, and this is what you need for your football matches as well.

WordPress is a reliable and easy to use Content Management Service suited for streaming platforms as well. You can find sleek themes in which you can easily integrate videos, that will offer a pleasant navigating experience to the users as well.

Where to find football matches to stream

You are obviously not a television to film the game yourself. However, many stations are allowing you to stream their matches on your website for a modest sum. Users will come on your website to watch the game, comment about it, and they would even want to place bets. Give them this feature through a gambling affiliate program, and you can make more money by referring people from your website to live betting websites.

What makes my website unique

You have thousands of competition websites in the football live streaming industry, so what would make your one shine? A reliable dedicated server where people can see matches in HD, with a chat option for them to talk and even a sports betting section, will be enough to start. It will require many resources, but once you have a visitor hooked up, he will stay around for at least the two hours of the game. At this time, he can see many ads and bring you profits in many ways.