I listened to a radio show a couple of years ago. They were talking about "football widows". A woman had called in saying she was miserable – her husband worked all week, went to school three nights a week, spent Saturdays with her and wanted to watch football on Sundays. She declared that if he really loved her, he'd spend Sundays with her instead of watching a stupid football game.

In true "me" fashion, I have to write a little response of my own to women who don't like football.

Dear Football Widow,

I don't agree. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm an avid sports fan myself. Loving everything from football to Nascar, basketball to baseball, and even golf, I'm used to a TV being on some kind of sporting event. Super Bowl party? My house. Frontyard football games on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day include my kids, their friends, my brother and me.

"If" he loved you. Wow, let's turn that around. The man is working and taking care of his family. He's going to school to get an education to better himself to take even better care of his family. He spends Saturday with you but he must not love you if he watches a football game?

What if he said, "If you love me, you'll let me watch football." Better yet, sit down and watch it with him. Is he going out drinking or cheating on you? No, he's watching a game on TV in the home he shares with you.

Football has always been a big part of my life. My mother is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan. She doesn't understand where she went wrong with me-her 49ers fan. Still, Sunday football has always been a mainstay at my mom's house and at mine. My stepdad once told me, "Monica, you'll make a good wife someday."

Well, God has a sense of humor. I married the only man in the US that doesn't like sports. Or so I thought at the time. (I've found out since then that several men I've dated don't like sports…I run in the other direction when I hear that.)

You don't have to love football but cut the guy some slack. It's been proven that children involved in sports gain better self-esteem and confidence that help them later in life. Think about that the next time you want to throw something at your armchair quarterback.

Be honest…do you really want to nag him over something as natural as a love for sports? Oh, he takes care of us, he works hard for us, but let's pick on him anyway.

Pick your battles. Trust me on this one.

A Female Football Fan

A few minutes later…what's the advice on the radio that I had muttered moments earlier when hearing her whine? Pick your battles.

Imagine that.