Quarterback may be the most important position in any fantasy football draft. Obviously there are quarterbacks you really should try and get and some that may seem like good choices but should be avoided. Here are my rankings for quarterbacks you definitely need and the one's you should avoid.

Here are my rankings for the top 4 quarterbacks you should try and get in your fantasy draft, listed in order.

1) Tom Brady
Look for Brady to come off his injury and have a huge season. I know many sources are putting Brady behind Drew Brees, but I can't pass on Brady. Remember '07 when he threw 50 TD's and only 8 picks?

2) Drew Brees
Brees has always put up great numbers with the Saints and I expect him to do the same this year. Expect lots of yards and TD's from Brees, but this year I think Brady is number one.

3) Peyton Manning
Enough said right, Peyton has been the model of consistency throughout his career. While I don't think he is going to put up huge numbers this year, he always puts up good numbers.

4) Philip Rivers
I know a lot of people are not yet sold on Rivers as a Pro Bowl quarterback, but I think this is his year. I think the Chargers will rely more on Rivers this year then they have in the past, so he could put up some great numbers.

Now here is my list of quarterbacks not to draft high. Some because their teams will stink, others because they should have a down year.

1) Jay Cutler
Believe me, I think Cutler is a great QB, but I don't think he has a great offense or passing attack in Chicago. He may prove me wrong down the line, but I don't think he will in his first year.

2) Matt Cassel
Again, more of an unproven thing here. Cassel did well with the Patriots in '08, but the Chiefs are a different team. Cassel takes a lot of sacks, which may lead to him making more mistakes. I would not expect anything more then an average season from Cassel.

3) Kyle Orton
I think the Broncos are going to be a mess this year and the QB on the field will probably be the same. Simply put, the Broncos will be lousy this year and they will rely on the running game.

4) Tony Romo
Now don't get the wrong impression here, I think Romo will have a decent season, but not up to his standards. Dallas is looking to run the ball more this year and that will hurt Romo's stats. He's a fine quarterback, but his numbers will be down this year even though they may win more games.

Good luck in the season and be sure to read my other articles on this years fantasy players.