What you'll need:
Brown nail polish
White nail polish

You don't have to be a guy to love football; many women adore the sport. But whether you do or you don't like football, you could still find yourself doing football-type things – like wearing football fingernails. Whether you love the sport, or you're just helping your guy throw a Superbowl party, you'll be amazed at how many people notice your football fingernails. It's one of the great designs that any regular person can do without help.

Making your fingernails look like footballs is easy enough to do. Instead of going to a salon, where specialty nails are done, you can do them yourself, and save. Many fingernail designs are quite involved, requiring taping off areas, painting again and again, or even using tiny stencils. But when you paint your nails to look like footballs you won't have to bother with any of that.

The most important part of creating nails that really look comparable to footballs is to choose the right color of fingernail polish. Brown polish is ideal, of course, but the right shade of brown will make the most convincing football nails. Brown isn't the most common shade that you'll find, when it comes to shopping for nail polish, but you can certainly find it online.

Apply two coats of brown nail polish to your fingernails, letting each coat dry completely. A toothpick can help you make the stitches on the footballs. Dispense some white nail polish onto a paper towel, or onto a disposable, flat object. Cut the very tip off of the toothpick and lay that end of the toothpick in the polish. Coat just one side of the toothpick, about halfway up, but make sure that the polish isn't too thick. Lay the toothpick on the fingernail, right down the middle, to make a white line that goes from the tip of the nail, nearly to the nail bed.

Cut the ends off of another toothpick so that you have a piece that is a bit longer than the width of your fingernail. Hold it on the ends, lay it in the white paint, and "stamp" small, white lines across the main white line. Each small line should go from near one side of the nail, to near the other side. Depending on how long or short your nails are, you could make 4 to 7 lines across the main line.

Football fingernails are a simplistic design that can be done on all of your nails, or just on one. It's a great look for a woman who loves the sport, for a cheerleader, or for someone hosting a football-theme party.