Titans Football for Dummies(i.e.: food network zombies, U.T. purists, trophy wives of football zealots and cheerleaders)

Part 1

I have not always been the chest beating, hyperventilating, touchdown signaling Titans enthusiast I am today. Unfortunately, before I got to know the Titans I led a pretty dull life where the highlight of the weekend was my cross-stitching. That was until "The Titans" came to town. I was working a mundane 9 to 5 at a middle Tennessee establishment when some new customers occasionally came in. After a while it became a regular occurrence for a Titans coach, Titans wide receiver, Titans linebacker, wives of the any of the Titans staff and others associated with the Titans to walk through the door and strike up a normal conversation with me as we tended to their business. I was intrigued but often had to ask them their names, which they gave, as they most likely checked their pride, and kindly swallowed their ego for my benefit.

I quickly realized that I genuinely liked these people. Therefore, I made the conscious effort to learn about the Titans. So I struggled through the weekly predictions by the analysts, pre-game analysis, post-game analysis, and of course sports radio talk shows and ESPN. It was a great process. Shortly thereafter I found myself yelling at the T.V. or radio as some "know-it-all" didn't give the Titans their due respect. I cried out, "Get over it" to those U.T holdout callers who still have a quiver in their voice when they talk about Peyton.

I figured I must be a genuine Titans fan when my husband and I were invited to a Super Bowl party in 2019. It was the famous hair-tearing-out, coronary inducing Titans VS rams game. The friend throwing the party was trying to be sensitive but firm when he suggested to me when inviting us, "Now, we are having a Super Bowl party to watch the game, not socialize." I indignantly shot back, "Who do you think I am, some football dummy? I'm not coming to your party to have fun! This stuff is serious!!!"

My adrenaline begins to pump in July anticipating a new Titans season, hope reviving, and another reason to thank God for creating autumn. My thoughts at red lights and when I'm cooking dinner creep back in – Will Chris Johnson get the job done and not get hurt? How is Vince doing these days? Who is going to get cut and I sure am going to miss Vanden Bosch.

My schedule now rotates not only around the Titans mini-camps and games but the NFL draft as well. All of my phone app's line up after the Titan's home page icon. My desktop and screensavers reflect my current Titan's hero. But my cross-stitch must wait until the first pitch in April. SIGH!

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